Executive Research

The recruitment process is divided into two distinct phases:

Providing the "Longlist"

In collaboration with us, a detailed search profile is prepared, after which we send a number of "test candidates" to determine if we are on the right track. This usually happens 24 hours after the approved search profile.

Then a search is made for potential candidates on publicly available media, eg companies' websites, databases eg LinkedIn.

We prepare a "Longlist", which typically consists of 20-60 profiles depending on the complexity of the position and the supply of candidates.

The list contains name, employer, location and link to information about the candidate. Furthermore, an assessment of the necessary competencies from the search profile. See example list below.

The list is usually sent no later than 72 hours after "test candidates" have been approved by the client.

Contacting potential candidates from "Longlist"

Once we have received comments (see Client feedback below) for the "Longlist", we initiate contact with the potential candidates who have been selected for further courses.

We contact these candidates, either by stating our client's identity or as an anonymous / confidential inquiry in order to find out if the candidate is interested in a dialogue about the position.

We uncover the overall match on the set search criteria, including expectations for remuneration level.

If the candidate is deemed suitable, he or she is requested to submit a detailed CV and possibly motivated justification for the interest. These documents are forwarded to our client.