We understand the needs of our clients

Over the many years of recruiting potential candidates for senior positions, including specialists and other key personnel, we recognise that the requirements and expectations from our clients for the consulting services have changed over time.

We are therefore proud to present Executive Research!


Experience shows that access to candidates who are relevant and competent are often difficult to attract through traditional advertising. The result is that one often ends up being left with few or no suitable candidates, or even very many who are not considered relevant to the position in question.

Based on experience with research since 1988, HeadCon has a proven track record in attracting relevant candidates who will not normally respond to job advertisements.

We find these candidates through our national and international networks supplemented by various databases.

As part of the process we prepare a list which our client can contact and work on or alternatively if desired, we can handle this process, allowing the client to remain anonymous.

The work is carried out by experienced consultants with many years of experience in recruiting directors / managers and key employees.

This provides assurance of quality, just as inquiries to potential candidates will be made at a highly professional level.

Executive Research

Identification of potential, inactive candidates for the position. Initial contact about interest etc. for the position.

About HeadCon

HeadCon is owned and managed by Christian Enghave.

At Headcon, experience and insight are more important than age, which is why we can recruit national and international partners for respective tasks.

Christian Enghave has been involved in senior executive recruitment since 1988.

Over the years there has been  a constant development in the consulting industry, from traditional "Old Boys Network" to online based platforms , where the individual consultant's participation and influence on the task solution varies considerably.

HeadCon has adapted to these changes and works to combine the practices of the past with the possibilities of the future for the benefit of our clients.

Christian Enghave Curriculum vitae:                                           

  • Director / Owner HeadCon Management

  • External censor at Business School


  • Self-employed, and associate.
  • CEO of TRANSEARCH International Denmark A / S.
  • Partner Lisberg Management.
  • Director Rank Xerox.
  • Director Sony Nordic.
  • Manager Price Waterhouse.
  • Head of Administration Det Berlingske Officin.
  • Management / chief positions and specialist positions in the Armed Forces.


  • Acedemic oficer training,rederiksberg Castle (academic master's program)
  • Staff training from the Defense Academy, Copenhagen



CEO and client

Experience that we get a little more than with others. Expressed by working on a solution and not just focusing on possible fees.


Did not have obvious candidates, but through Executive Research we got in touch with the top candidate who was not aware of us and the position. A really good hiring process


Experiencing a process where I and my background and opportunities are addressed. I felt well treated even though I did not get the position.


Good services with where we have been able to choose as needed at agreed prices.